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Magnification Max. Exit Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Max Outside Diameter (mm) Thread Adjustable Divergence Sill Part Number 1064nm standard Sill Part Number 1030nm - 1090nm low absorption Sill Part Number Motorized Version
1.0x-3.0x 20.00 85.00 47.0 C-Mount Y S6EXZ5310/126 S6EXZ5310/328 S6EZM5310/xxx
1.0x-3.0x 20.00 85.00 47.0 M30x1 Y S6EXZ5311/126 S6EXZ5311/328 S6EZM5311/xxx
1.0x-8.0x 30.00 162.00 58.0 C-Mount Y S6EXZ5076/126 S6EXZ5076/328 S6EZM5076/xxx
1.2x-3.0x 43.00 230.20 80.0 M30x1 Y S6EXZ5312/126 S6EXZ5312/328 S6EZM5312xxx